first-appointmentYour road to orthodontic treatment begins with a comprehensive orthodontic evaluation performed by Dr. Chris Tsintolas. There is no charge for this visit.

The evaluation affords you the perfect opportunity to meet Dr. Tsintolas, interact with our our staff, and see the office. If the patient is a minor child, it is essential that at least one parent attends. Would you like another family member or a friend to join in the consultation, hear first-hand information, and ask questions? No problem. Dr. Tsintolas is very welcoming.

Dr. Tsintolas begins the consultation with a review of the medical and dental history and listens to your reasons for pursuing orthodontic care. A clinical examination follows and includes an assessment of the teeth, the bite and the skeletal framework. Dr. Tsintolas explains his findings and presents his vision for the most effective and appropriate treatment for your particular needs.

Treatment options are explored for your consideration. An estimate of the time in treatment is provided. Dr. Tsintolas quotes the fee for your customized orthodontic treatment plan. Dental insurance that includes coverage for orthodontics and payment plan terms are components of the fee discussion. All your questions and concerns are important and are addressed.

Before treatment can commence, diagnostic records are necessary. These records include cephalometric and panoramic X-rays, photographs of your face and teeth, and impressions for upper and lower study models. These diagnostic tools augment the clinical exam and together they are essential for a complete and thorough exam, diagnosis and treatment plan. The diagnostic records fee is quoted at the orthodontic consultation and is payable when the service is rendered.

Often, patients wish to save time and eliminate a separate trip to the office for diagnostic records. As a convenience, we offer the opportunity for the diagnostic records immediately upon the conclusion of the orthodontic consultation. Other patients may wish to schedule the diagnostic records for another day, and we are happy to help with those arrangements.

It is simple to arrange for your orthodontic consultation by calling our office at 301-948-7513 or completing an online consultation request. We are happy to assist you in scheduling an appointment.