early-orthodonticsDr. Tsintolas and The American Association of Orthodontists encourage a first visit to the orthodontist by age 7, earlier if there is a particular concern.

Parents can feel good about consulting with Dr. Tsintolas for their child’s orthodontic care even if the parent perceives the child too young. Dr. Tsintolas provides an honest assessment of your child’s current and future orthodontic needs. If the best plan is to wait and afford your child more time for tooth eruption and jaw growth, Dr. Tsintolas suggests your child return to the office for periodic monitoring at no charge. The doctor evaluates your child at the prescribed intervals and he reviews and updates the orthodontic plan. Some children remain under Dr. Tsintolas' watchful eye for years until the timing is optimal for orthodontic care. Rest assured, the doctor's priority is the individual patient and he will not recommend unnecessary treatment nor will he push treatment earlier than optimal.

While some children are not developmentally prepared for orthodontic care, others present to the consultation ready to benefit from treatment. Dr. Tsintolas explains the need for orthodontics and the prescribed plan for care. He supports the parent(s) through the decision making process.

The American Association of Orthodontists has prepared a very brief and helpful document on this topic. The Right Time for an Orthodontic Check-Up and Problems to Watch For.