To request a free initial orthodontic consultation, please call 301-948-7513 or complete the form below and we will call you no later than our next business day to arrange your first appointment.

We have implemented COVID-19 precautions to protect patients and staff.  Dr. Tsintolas is welcoming new patients into the practice for in-office consultations.  At this time, one adult is invited to accompany a child or a young adult to the consultation. We also offer consultations by video conference.

Are you a patient of the practice?  Have you been seen in the office?  PLEASE- DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM AND INSTEAD CALL 301-948-7513 TO SCHEDULE ONGOING CARE, TO RESUME CARE, OR TO REPORT AN EMERGENCY.  We are delighted to provide immediate assistance by phone.

Note: We do not accept CONFIRMATIONS or CANCELLATIONS via this form. If you need to confirm or reschedule your appointment, please call our office at 301-948-7513.